Peel & Reveal labels, bespoke labels

Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel & reveal labels are a great, cost effective way of getting lots of information onto a label.

Sometimes people find that they’ve got A LOT of things to say without much room to say it…that’s where peel & reveal labels come in.

A peel and reveal label is literally what it says in the title. It has two different layers of material, one on top of another and you can peel back the top layer from the corner to reveal what’s underneath. Your top page can be used to display the product name and logo with eye catching designs without the risk of being cluttered with instructions. The underneath pages can then be used for the instructions, extra languages, health and safety information or whatever else you’d like.  Normally, the inside pages carry the information that you would have had on a back label, if you had room for it.

More and more companies are turning to peel and reveal labels to get increasing numbers of languages and more health and safety information into the same amount of space.  By having one label with all the languages on it, you can avoid having a different label design for every country that you send to.

Peel & reveal labels can vary in size with the largest that we do at 300mm x 500mm to the smallest at 26mm x 105mm, meaning you can pretty much have any size that you want which best suits your products requirements.

We can print these on either our flexographic or digital presses, one of the few companies in the UK able to print with both technologies to best suit your bespoke labels.

Everything that we produce is made in house with our highly experienced team, so we can offer the most practical label as well as looking aesthetically pleasing, meaning you get to stand out and attract more and more customers.

If you think a peel and reveal label would be best for your product get in touch with us today.