Flexographic Label Printing

If you’re unsure what flexographic label printing is you’ve come to the right place!

In this incredibly high-tech digital era we are living in, flexographic label printing can sometimes be pushed to the back of the queue. But here at Limpet Labels we see it as just another piece of the jigsaw.

Alongside our digital presses, we also have our ‘Mark Andy P3 Flexographic Press’ which is one of the most advanced narrow web presses available today and combines the latest production efficiencies with state-of-the-art technology.

Flexographic uses printing plates which are made of rubber or plastic to print on a wide variety of packaging materials. Flexo (which flexographic label printing is also known as) uses inked plates with slightly raised images which are then rotated on a cylinder to transfer the image onto the substrate.

There are many benefits to flexographic label printing which include exact spot colour matching and excellent solid, punchy colour reproduction.  This is due to on-press colour mixing and pantone-ready colours which ensure your labels looks exactly how you want them to look.

The flexographic label printing press is very good at producing long runs which is why we produce a lot of the labels from our online shop on our flexographic press.  This is due to the incredible speeds that the press can run at while still holding perfect registration – speeds that even the most advanced digital presses cannot get anywhere close to.

Due to the huge volumes we run every week, transport diamonds like the; road and sea label, this way up label, dangerous goods label, LQ label and many more, are produced on this press.  This ensures our stock levels are kept up and that our customers can get their warning labels promptly.

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