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ADR Hazard Warning Labels

ADR Hazard Warning Labels – the best price on the market

ADR Hazard Warning Labels

Here at Limpet Labels, we pride ourselves on a few things.

  • The price of ADR Hazard Warning Labels
  • Our excellent brew making skills
  • Our wonderful sense of humour

Recently we decided to completely overhaul our website to make it more visually appealing and much easier to use.  Therefore you should find it simpler to find the labels you’re after, and we have even dropped our prices!  We have lowered the prices of all our products on our website. This includes our road and sea labels, stock take labels, handling and shipping labels and many, many more.


Many other sellers on the internet don’t even make the labels themselves. So they buy them in and sell them on.  With us, you are buying directly from one of the largest suppliers in the UK.  We have been manufacturing hazard warning labels for over 25 years and all our labels made from a high-quality polypropylene material with a marine-grade (BS5609) adhesive, lightfast inks and a laminate finish to combat harsh environments and bad weather.

We understand availability and price are critical for our customers. So, we work hard to make sure that the vast majority of our labels are always in stock. Therefore our packing team can pick them off the shelves and send them out to you the very same day.  Most importantly, if you place an online order with us before 2 pm for an item that is in stock, it will be with you the very next day.

We like to ensure that our customers are getting the best price and always endeavour to meet their needs, so if you require a label that isn’t on our online shop or if you find an equivalent label cheaper than ours, please contact our office, and we will be sure to help you out.