digital label printing, flexographic label printing , bespoke labels

Digital labels & flexographic labels straight from the manufacturer

Most people don’t know whether they’re getting their goods straight from the source or if there’s a middle man adding a little extra on each time. Here at Limpet labels we manufacture everything from digital labels, flexographic labels, bespoke labels and our hazard warning diamonds, in house. So our customers know exactly what they’re getting without someone else making their margin as well.

We have three printing presses in house; one flexographic label machine and two digital label presses, meaning we can cater to a wide scope of enquiries with great prices and excellent lead times.

Having total control over our own production means that we can adapt schedules on the fly to accommodate customers urgent requirements – try doing that when it’s not your company printing the labels!  We also have a direct link between the production schedules and the customer service team which means that we can give you up to the minute information over the phone and by email so you’re kept up-to-date with your order progress.

By dealing directly with the manufacturer, not only are you removing extra costs, you are also avoiding the potential for mistakes as information passes down the chain.  Like Chinese whispers, information passed from company to company, particularly when they are not printers themselves, can result in misinformation ending up on quotes or even the final production.  We can also offer advice and samples direct from the printing presses, so you can see, touch and feel what your final product will look like.

By getting your products straight from us, you don’t run the risk of your broker ordering from a different printer every time, depending on whoever is cheapest.

If you’re interested in getting your labels printed by us get in touch today and one of our friendly members on staff will help you.