Special Finishes

Special finishes with our digital & flexographic printing technologies

Special Finishes

Special finishes and substrates can be used for all manner of reasons from durability to aesthetics. Some customers want a simple label design on a label capable of lasting outdoors in all weathers or harsh chemical environments.  Typically we produce these labels on the same materials as our hazard warning diamonds. Others are after labels with a ‘wow-factor’ that makes a product jump off the shelf o.

Here at Limpet Labels, we produce labels from the humble GHS warning diamond right up to high-end retail labels with sophisticated embellishments.

We have lots of experience with both digital labels and flexographic labels, in helping customers to choose a label construction which will best suit their needs while staying within their budget.  Most importantly, you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money to make your packaging look expensive and classy.

We have seen an explosion in small companies wanting to give their labels that ‘top-end’ look and feel. This has driven us to source a plethora of finishes and techniques. As a result, our customers add value to their products. Matt and gloss spot varnishes, metallics, textures, micro-embossing all go toward making your finished product stand out from all the other products.

Sometimes people want us to print their label with their design on. Besides wanting overprinting capabilities so they can add batch dates or data for last minute or the same-day dispatch. We do this with our finishing lines by adding a thermal receptive varnish for overprinting purposes.

Finally, if you would like any more information on our special finishes services, then please get in touch.