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Label Application

Label Application

So, you may be wondering ‘why on earth do I need to read a blog about label application? Isn’t it pretty self-explanatory and easy?’. Well, to quote Donald Trump WRONG.

It’s not that it’s the most complicated thing to do, but if not done correctly you won’t get the full potential from your labels. Applying labels can be tedious and time-consuming, so you need to make sure you know exactly how to do it the first time, so you’re not getting stressed and throwing tantrums we have ALL been there.

So, whatever the type of label you’re using; from GHS and CLP labels right up to high-end bespoke retail labels, we have a few simple rules to help you.

Make sure that the surface you’re applying the label to is clean, dry and as smooth as possible. 

Sticking labels to dirty surfaces means you’re sticking the label to the dirt/dust which results in a poor bond.  Wet/damp surfaces have a similar problem.  If the area you are applying to is unclean, then clean it with a flash-drying solvent and leave to dry for a moment before applying — the smoother the surface, the better the bond. Glass, metal and smooth plastics are easier to apply to than moulded rough plastics or uneven surfaces.  Even hazard warning diamonds (which ours carry a BS5609 marine grade adhesive) need a decent surface to stick to.

All our adhesives are pressure sensitive.

Activate the adhesive by rubbing it down.  Apply the label with firm even pressure either by hand or by your applicator.  Slapping a label on without rubbing it down is no good.  It’s also particularly crucial for clear materials as rubbing down will get rid of air bubbles.

Most adhesives take around 24hrs to reach full bond strength.

Adhesives with high initial grab or adhesives that can be re-positioned after application do not always show what the label will be like in the field. Stickiness’ is no indication of final bond strength. Some adhesives have minimal initial tack but then form a remarkable bond over time.

If you have any questions about our labels then our expert team are here to help and advice you.