Limited Quantity Road and Sea Labels

Road and Sea Labels

Have you ever been given a task from your boss that you don’t really know anything about, but you’re not willing to say it to them? You kind of just accept your fate and plod along trying to figure out what on earth you must do. If you’ve ever been given the task of ordering hazard warning labels, then look no further!

Road and Sea labels have always been quite a common label to order, especially if you transport goods in your line of business. Road & sea labels are used ‘for dangerous items which are shipped by road and sea’ so if you ship anything that may be deemed dangerous you will have to, by law, purchase hazard diamond labels.

This may seem like the most annoying, money wasting thing that you will be made to purchase, but with our new website and reduced prices (we’re now the cheapest on the internet!) you will find it hassle free.   It only takes you two minutes to sign up and once that’s done you don’t have to do it again (unless you forget your username and password) so now these tedious tasks become easy!

Limpet Labels has been an accredited manufacturer for 25 years (26 soon) and has always, ALWAYS manufactured on site. You may wonder why that is relevant? Well, it kind of is in the sense that you won’t have any pesky additional prices on your order because we don’t order your labels in and sell them on at an inflated price, we make everything under one roof. We take a great deal of pride into our work to ensure our customers are getting top quality labels at competitive prices.

With our hazard warning diamonds such as road & sea and QC passed labels, we tend to print these using our flexographic printing machine. This is usually because flexographic printing machines are better for longer runs and turn out more cost affective as apposed to our digital printing machine when it comes to these types of labels. That’s not to say we can’t print them on our digital press because we most certainly can we just choose not to because price is critical for most of our customers, so we make sure to utilise our equipment correctly.

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