Flammable Liquid 3 - 100mm / Flexographic Printing

Flammable Liquid 3 – 100mm / Flexographic Printing

Flammable Liquid 3 – 100mm / flexographic Printing

We print Flammable Liquid 3 – 100mm / flexographic printing in house. So as soon as you see the word flammable you know, it’s about to get very serious. Hence why it is important that you have the correct labels for your shipment!

If you’re shipping anything that includes materials such as fuels, paints, solvents and alcohols you must ensure that you have a flammable liquid 3 label placed clearly on your shipment. The person handling the goods then has a clear indication of what’s inside — therefore ensuring that they treat it with caution. Safety is vital when handling dangerous goods, so make sure you label everything up correctly!


We print our hazard labels in house on our flexographic printing machine. Flexographic printing is terrific, especially for long label runs. Which is extremely necessary when printing hazard diamonds because we print millions monthly. We use a MarkAndyP3 flexographic press which is one of the most advanced, narrow webbed presses available today.

Advantages for flexographic printing:

  • Low-cost plate charges
  • Suitable for short, medium but most importantly, long runs
  • Over 2,000 cutters in stock (for bespoke if necessary)
  • High-quality labels
  • Up to 7 spot colours
  • Foiling
  • Specialist varnishes
  • Sheeting and under die cutting

Most importantly, EVERYTHING at Limpet is printed in house. As a result, you don’t get all the pesky additional prices from people who buy and then sell on. We don’t work that way! Besides, we are very proud of the fact that we have been manufacturing for more than 25 years. Therefore we believe that reflects in our work. Be it, bespoke or off the shelf items – as a result, we will always endeavour to create the best quality labels and we will match it with a very competitive price.

Finally, if you’re looking for the Flammable Liquid 3 label check out our online shop today! If you need any other additional information, please get in contact.

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