Environmentally Hazardous Labels

Environmentally Hazardous Labels – Bespoke Hazard

Environmentally Hazardous Labels

Environmentally hazardous labels (marine pollutant label) informs who is shipping, transporting or receiving the goods that they are dangerous to the environment. Other labels may also be required to make sure that they’re compliant with regulations. i.e. this way up labels and so forth.

It is essential to do your research before purchasing any labels online to know that:

  • You’re getting the correct labels for your shipments
  • You’re getting high quality, weather resistant labels (we print with marine grade adhesive!)
  • Great prices

We’re the cheapest labels on the market at just £9.20 per roll of 250! We offer a next day service on all our online stock. (if they’re not in stock then it’s five working days) Besides, we know how critical it is to have your order promptly to prevent and delayed shipments.

It is crucial to make sure you have all the correct labels you need for your shipping purposes.  Even if it’s a combination of labels, check out our online shop https://limpetlabels.co.uk/shop/today to grab what you need!


There are a few companies that have their bespoke hazard labels. That means that they have a regular hazard diamond but altered slightly to have their name, number, website etc. printed onto the label.  A good way that shows their company off.

It then is classed as a bespoke label, so the price is considerably different. This is because the artwork will need to be altered specifically for a bespoke label. The company can decide what has to be on it.

When this happens, we usually switch from printing on our flexographic press. If you have read some of our previous blogs, you will know that we predominantly print hazard diamonds on our flexographic press, to our digital press. Allowing for faster lead times and no plate charges. It also means that you can change the information on your bespoke hazard label regularly. Digital printing has more flexibility than flexographic printing.

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