GHS Irritant 20mm – Same Day Despatch

GHS Irritant 20mm labels are a small label that go on the outside of whatever a person is despatching to highlight a warning to whomever is handling it. I mean, as soon as you see something that has a big exclamation mark in it you immediately handle with care… well… you should anyway! An Irritant label warns people that if the substance inside gets on them it can irritate the skin or wherever it may fall on you. You must always remember to label your goods correctly for safety purposes!

With many of our labels, including our GHS Irritant 20mm labels, if they’re in stock we will do a same day despatch, meaning you get your labels the very next day. This allows our customers to stay on schedule and meet demands of their own. We can’t stress enough about how important on time deliveries are as we’ve all felt the fear when a package hasn’t arrived, especially with something that you were absolutely dying to wear for the weekend, but alas! It didn’t arrive.

We keep all our same day despatch labels on our shelves as much as we can. When we see a label, especially one of our more popular ones getting a bit low in stock, we do a big run to ensure our stock levels hardly ever run out.

We print a lot of GHS labels weekly, which are printed on our flexographic printing press which is brilliant for large volume runs and since we print a lot of these labels we must do the big runs! We can also print these on our digital presses if necessary.

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