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Cleaning Products Labels


Cleaning labels are used for all manner of items such as floor cleaners, surface cleaners, upholstery cleaners and much more. And we here at Limpet Labels have been manufacturing labels for the hygiene and sanitation sectors for over 20 years. From specialist, niche treatments to household brands, we can accommodate orders of any size and on any budget.

It is vital for you to have a clear and concise label on your cleaning products as it provides the customer with a wealth of information, some of which is key to aiding them to use the product both properly and safely. These labels can also legally be required to be included on the product.

Here at Limpet Labels we specialise in creating high quality bespoke and professional cleaning labels to suit your businesses needs and requirements. Our labels are not only of the highest quality but come at great value of money with a fast turnaround time. This in part is thanks to innovations made to our manufacturing process which has streamlined the rate in which we can produce these cleaning labels.

We can also provide free sample label packs to your business in order for you to establish whether our labels are the right solution for you. We have already provided these bespoke labels for many satisfied clients from across the UK.

We can produce barcodes in-house for the vast majority of barcode formats, just give us the numbers and we will do the rest!

For more information contact us on 01978 664411 or sales@limpetlabels.co.uk.


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