Peel and Reveal Booklet Labels


Sometimes there is just not enough space available on a label to carry all of the directions and health and safety information as well as an eye-catching design. This is where peel and reveal labels give you the extra space you need. Your top page can be used to display the product name and logo and the inside pages used for the instructions/extra languages etc.

These types of labels are not only cost effective but are perfect if you need to print larger amounts of information but also if you need to include different translations of these same instructions. We can create these bespoke labels to fit your businesses needs and requirements. We also can cater for all different order sizes whether it's a small trial order a bulk order to the trade. We also provide fast turnaround times for our bespoke labels through innovations in our manufacturing process whilst at the same time ensuring that the quality hasn't been compromised.

We can create you a free sample pack of labels in order for you to see if it is the ideal solution you're looking for and if it is, just get in touch and we will be happy to cater fully to your businesses needs.

With our experience in producing peel and reveal labels, we can help you overcome your space issues and provide you with a high quality, functional label.

For more information contact us on 01978 664411 or sales@limpetlabels.co.uk.


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