The Orange Explosive Diamonds are used for the transport of any chemical compound, mixture, or device which is designed to function by explosion, that is substantially instantaneous with the release of gas and heat. The Class 1 Explosive labels are available in a variety of designs on our shop which allows them to be used for a variety of different explosive materials which fall into different sub-divisions.

Divisions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Labels – These are used to identify highly hazardous explosives. Divisions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are marked with the explosive symbol, the division number (1.1, 1.2 or 1.2) and a letter which indicates the compatibility group.

Division 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 Labels – These labels are for the less hazardous Divisions 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 explosives must only display the division number and compatibility group letter.

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