Synthetic A4 Laser Labels (2 per page)

This box of 250 self adhesive Synthetic (Teslin) A4 Laser Labels is an easy and cost effective way to print your own information, suitable for most laser printers.

We have a large selection of paper and synthetic (Teslin) A4 CHIP supply labels available in many different formats from 1-to-view right through to 18-to-view. Suitable for use with almost any office A4 laser printer, laser sheet labels are an easy and cost-effective way to print your own information. Different formats of A4 laser sheet labels can be mixed to obtain the most effective prices.

They have the following main properties:

Pricing Table

QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
1 - 5£109.35 (ex. VAT) Per Item
6 - 10£101.82 Discount Per Item
11 - 20£92.21 Discount Per Item
We also do Bespoke Labels! click here to view our bespoke label range.

Supplied in boxes of 250 sheets

£131.22(inc. VAT)

£109.35 (ex. VAT)