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Digital & flexographic labels – clear on clear material

Many of our customers use clear labels on their products and we produce clear labels for the automotive industry, health products, animal care and many other industries.  Some customers buy clear labels purely for their aesthetics and some as an over label onto a generic background to keep production costs down.

A clear label is quite self-explanatory in the fact that it’s printed onto a transparent material. The difference between a regular poly prop and a clear label is that the artwork needed for the clear label is different, as you must add a white layer if you have white in your design. The white poly has the rest of the colours printed onto it and has no need for a white layer at all. Mostly people use a clear material if they want people to think there’s no label on their product. We find they’re often used for aerosol cans and cosmetic products.

The advantage of a clear on clear label is that, when applied to the container, the adhesive underneath spreads out and disappears much better (a process known as ‘wetting-out’) this means you get a crystal clear finish with fewer bubbles and more of a no-label-look.  This is particularly popular in the cosmetics and high-end retail sectors as it gives the packaging a pre-printed, expensive look.

Producing clear on clear labels requires specialised finishing lines and here at Limpet Labels we invested in this equipment a few years ago and it has been going great guns ever since. We can provide digital label printing and flexographic label printing as well as bespoke label printing, so we can always meet your specific label needs.

We work with a variety of printing technologies to ensure our customers get exactly what they require.