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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many of our customers have been inquiring about the effect of the Coronavirus on our supply chain and our delivery capabilities…. We have been in contact with our major suppliers and asked them to determine if any components of our products are sourced from China or other highly affected countries/regions.…

Materials and Finish

As a retailer, there is always an element of pressure involved in making your products stand out from the crowd.  Unless you are extremely lucky, or have products which have a long-standing reputation, it is often the packaging which will do the most to get your products moving off the…

Tactile Warning Triangles

What are they? These warning labels are a 25mm diameter clear label with a raised triangle which should be used for labelling hazardous products so that blind and partially sighted people can be made aware they are handling a potentially harmful product. The triangle should be 18mm across and comply…

UFI – What is it?

UFI – What is it? Starting in January 2020, any products classified for health or physical hazards are going to have to display a Unique Formula Identifier (or UFI).  As part of the new rules, a 16 digit code will have to be displayed on your product and product information…

Black Overpack Labels 50mm x 150mm

Black Overpack Labels 50mm x 150mm In today’s blog, we will be discussing one of the popular ‘Overpack’ labels, which is the Black Overpack Labels 50mm x 150mm. Welcome back to the Limpet blogs! We are always here to supply some label goodness. We have a couple of sizes under…

Miscellaneous 9 With Word 100mm

Miscellaneous 9 With Word 100mm Miscellaneous 9 with word 100mm – Another Hazard Warning Diamond? Well, look no further! Limpet Labels is the UK’s leading manufacturer for ADR Hazard Warning Diamonds. We print hundreds of thousands weekly, shipping them all over the world. We have a few more, which are more…

GHS Health Hazard Labels – 20mm

GHS Health Hazard Labels– 20mm GHS Health Hazard labels 20mm are quite popular when it comes to orders on our online shop. We print these in various sizes such as 20mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm. Our most popular size being 20mm. They warn anyone that is handling the boxes…

Fragile Handle With Care 100mm

Fragile Handle With Care 100mm The Fragile Handle with Care 100mm is a distinct warning label. Labels are a part of everyday life whether you realise it or not and none more so than the Fragile Handle with care 100 mm. When you take a shower, cook your food or…

Flammable Gas 2 100mm

Flammable Gas 2 100mm One of our most popular ADR Hazard Warning Diamonds is the Flammable Gas 2 100mm label. It is to warn anyone handling or surrounding the goods that it contains Flammable Gas. The Red diamond that is surrounding the words is what makes it hard to miss. Flammable Gas 2…

WEEE Black On White 12mm

WEEE Black On White 12mm A popular label on our website is the WEEE Black On White 12mm label. We print these predominantly on our flexographic printing press just like most of the items on our shop. Printed on a white polypropylene material with a matt laminate finish. They also…