GHS Health Hazard Labels– 20mm

GHS Health Hazard labels 20mm are quite popular when it comes to orders on our online shop. We print these in various sizes such as 20mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm.

Our most popular size being 20mm. They warn anyone that is handling the boxes or containers that there is the presence of a hazardous chemical inside. Most importantly, they should treat with caution.

All GHS labels have a red border in the shape of a diamond to make them distinct and unmissable. These labels, are usually accompanied by other labels to make sure the handler is fully aware of what they’re handling. Often there is a tactile label next to it. This alerts people who are blind or partially sighted that there is a hazardous material inside.

A tactile label, if you’re unaware, is a clear label with a raised effect in the shape of a triangle which can be applied by hand or automatic application. All our GHS labels, including our GHS health hazard 20mm labels, are printed flexographically on our Flexographic press.

All labels are printed in house on either our digital printing press or flexographic printing press. This excludes the need to outsource any of our work to someone else. This also means NO pesky additional charges for our customers.

Our GHS labels and Hazard Warning Diamonds are laminated and printed on polypropylene material. The base material conforms to B.S 5609:1986, which is perfect for transport by Road, Rail, Air and Sea. Our Hazard Warning diamonds fully comply with the UN ADR, RID IMDG/IMO, ADN & ICAO/IATA requirements. If anything in this blog is of any interest to you, please get in touch with us today on either 01978 664411 or email, and someone will be more than happy to help.