Class 2 Labels

The Class 2 labels are divided into three divisions, each with its own unique hazard class label.

Class 2.1 Flammable Gas Labels – Flammable gases in Division 2.1, such as hydrogen, acetylene, and propane, require a red label with a flame icon on the top and the number 2 or 2.1 at the bottom.

Class 2.2 Non-Flammable Gas Green Labels – Non-flammable gases in Division 2.2, such as nitrogen, refrigerants, and other inert gases, require a green label with a cylinder icon on the top and the number 2 or 2.3 at the bottom.

A hazardous Flammable Gas which can catch fire and burn, an example of these would be: Hydrogen – When liquid hydrogen is stored in tanks it is safe. However, if it escapes it can burn when in contact with oxygen. It burns easier than gasoline. Hydrogen can catch fire and sometimes explosively.

Propane is a colourless flammable gas and does not have an odour like some gases. It can turn into a liquid in extremely cold temperatures. There are other gases like Butane and methane.

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