Corrosive 8 Black Hand 100mm label. ADR Hazard Warning Diamond

We sell a wide variety of different labels in our online shop. Tactile Labels, Bespoke Labels, A4 Laser Sheet Labels, Stock Take Labels, ADR Hazard Warning Diamonds. Amongst the ADR’s we have the trusty Corrosive 8 Black Hand 100mm label. A lot of our customers are purchasing these.

Some corrosive chemicals or substances can destroy, disintegrate or even melt different materials when they come in contact. Purchasing labels is not always straight forward. You may have to do a bit of research into the type of label you will need for your shipments.

By law, you will need labels to ship across the country and even abroad. You may also need to mix labels if various things are inside the shipment. For example, you may need an ADR Hazard Warning Diamond AND Tactile Labels. So, make sure that whoever comes across your parcel knows the warning and can handle with care.

It is essential when purchasing labels that you are buying the EXACT one that you need. Always check you have everything covered when shipping out goods. All Handling and Shipping Labels are laminated and produced on a Polypropylene material. The base material we use conforms with B.S 5609:1986, which is perfect for transport by Road, Rail, Air and Sea.

Our Hazard Warning diamonds fully comply with the UN ADR, RID IMDG/IMO, ADN & ICAO/IATA requirements.

Limpet Labels UK Ltd have been specialists in Digital and Flexographic printing and self-adhesive label manufacturing since 1992. We are one of the very few label printing companies that can produce both Digital labels and Flexo labels in house. Furthermore, we can supply the highest quality labels at the best price, whatever your requirements.

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