Miscellaneous 9 With Word 100mm

Miscellaneous 9 with word 100mm – Another Hazard Warning Diamond? Well, look no further!

Limpet Labels is the UK’s leading manufacturer for ADR Hazard Warning Diamonds. We print hundreds of thousands weekly, shipping them all over the world. We have a few more, which are more popular than others. One of them being the ‘Miscellaneous 9 with word 100mm’.

Our Miscellaneous 9 with Word 100mm label is very similar to our other ADR Hazard warning diamonds and comes in two sizes – 100mm x 100mm & 250mm x 250mm. These sizes allow you to place them on shipments quite large. Besides significantly smaller with the warning label still visible for whoever is handling it. Make sure your label lasts when you purchase them. We ensure that we use materials to the highest quality with a marine grade adhesive. Our labels have excellent weather resistance. So you can be sure that your label will last a long time while out and about.

Miscellaneous dangerous goods can pose a wide variety of harmful substances to humans. Therefore it is vital to make sure your products are correctly labelled. So, whoever is handling them can take the proper precautions.


Alongside our Miscellaneous 9 with word 100mm labels and our ADR Hazard Warning Diamonds, we also produce bespoke labels for our customers. We have several different materials and finishes to accommodate our customers’ needs. If you are looking for more than just a hazard warning diamond, then please ask a member of our team for more information about our bespoke labels! We have digital printing presses and flexographic printing presses, so we can certainly look for you.

All our Hazard Warning Diamonds are laminated and produced on a Polypropylene material. The base material we use conforms with B.S 5609:1986, which is perfect for transport by Road, Rail, Air and Sea. Our Hazard Warning diamonds fully comply with the UN ADR, RID IMDG/IMO, ADN & ICAO/IATA requirements.

Please call our office on 01978 664411 or email us at sales@limpetlabels.co.uk if you require further information about our services.